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Volleyball 2017
 Date Day   Opponent  Team  Location  Time
9-9Sat.A Team Volleyball TournamentA TeamRedwood Valley High School9:00
9-12Tues.Immanuel, MnktoB TeamsImmanuel, Mankato4:00
9-16Sat.B Team Public School LeagueB TeamsMt. Olive9:00
9-21Thurs.Mt. Olive TriangularA TeamMt. Olive4:15
9-23Sat.A Team Volleyball TournamentA TeamMartin Luther High School, Northrup9:00
9-23Sat.B Team Public School LeagueB TeamsAlden9:00
9-30Sat.B Team Public School LeagueB TeamsAlden9:00
10-3Tue.Immanuel, CourtlandB and A TeamsMt. Olive4:00
10-6Fri.Trinity, JanesvilleB TeamsMt Olive4:00
10-7Sat.B Team Public School LeagueB TeamsMt. Olive9:00
10-9 Mon. St. James, Northrup B and A Teams St. James, Northrup 4:15 
10-14Sat.A Team MVL VB TournamentA TeamMVLTBA
10-14Sat.B Team Public School LeagueB TeamsNicollet9:00
10-16Mon. PLS, Fairfax B Teams PLS, Fairfax4:15 
10-28 Sat B Team Public School League Tournament 6th Gr.B Team LCWM 8:00
10-28Sat.B Team Public School League Tournament5th Gr. B TeamAlden8:00

Soccer 2017
DateDay  Opponent Team Location Time
9-12Tue.Lake Crystal RecB TeamLake Crystal High School5:30
9-14 Thurs. Immanuel, Mnkto Combined 6-8Land Of Memories, Mankato 4:00 
 9-16Sat. Risen Savior Tournament Combined 6-8 Kennedy Soccer Fields 9:00 
9-18 Mon. Postponed Trinity, Janesville Combined 6-8 TeamTrinity, Janesville 4:00 
 9-21Thurs Risen Savior B and A Teams Land of Memories, Mnkto 3:30 
9-25 Mon Immanuel, Courtland Combined 6-8Immanuel, Courtland 4:00 
 9-30Sat. Friendship Cup Tournament Combined 6-8 MLC's Soccer Complex 8:00 
10-2 Mon. Trinity, Janesville Gr. 4-6 Caswell Soccer Complex 4:00 
 10-5Thur. Lake Crystal Rec. B Team Caswell Soccer Complex 5:30 
10-9 Mon. Rescheduled Trinity, Janesville Gr. 6-8 Trinity, Janesville 4:00 
10-10 Tue. Rescheduled Immanuel, Courtland match Gr. 7-8 Immanuel, Courtland 4:00 
10-10 Tue. Rescheduled B match with Lake Crystal Rec Gr. 4-6 Caswell North Soccer Complex 5:30 
 10-12Thurs. St. Peter, St. Peter Combined 4-7  Gault Field, St. Peter 4:00 
 10-17Tue. PLS, Fairfax B and A Teams Bethany College 4:15 
10-24  Tue. Rescheduled Trinity, Janesville match Gr. 4- 6 Caswell Soccer Complex 4:00 

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