Mt. Olive Lutheran School exists to carry out Christ’s commission to make disciples of all nations by assisting parents in the Christian training of their children to live a life of faith
here on earth and forever after in Heaven.

We love our school!

Faith Focused

At Mt. Olive, faith is woven throughout every subject and part of the day – it’s a central focus of all learning.  The benefits of this translate into students having a life committed to Christ.
From the minute you walk through the doors of Mt. Olive, you become a member of a community that is there for you in times of joy and also in times of need.  The faculty are eager to help students discover and develop their God-given strengths and talents.   The staff is flexible and supportive of individual family’s needs.  Students have high academic and extracurricular achievements—from music to sports. Respect and courtesy are modeled every day and it’s a positive place to see your child grow academically, emotionally, and in their faith.
Mara Natrakul- School Parent

Caring Culture

Moving to the Mankato area meant that our children gain the benefit of Mt. Olive’s rigorous academics and tremendous culture of caring.

Dr. Jeff Lemke- School Parent

Loving Environment

Our family is so thankful for the quality education Mt. Olive provides for our two children. We have been impressed with the academic level the school offers, along with the biblical teaching that is integrated into their daily schedules. The staff and teachers have consistently shown concern, compassion, and love toward our children (and all students), whether in the classroom, on the playground, at sporting events, at church, or just seeing them in the community. Mt. Olive is providing them an excellent education in a kind, loving, Christian environment.

Jen Stadler- School Parent